Dogs Now Welcome To Vacation at Walt Disney World

Lady and the Tramp

“Please take us to Disney!”

Margaret and Gerti are over the moon excited because now they can try to talk us in to taking them to Disney.

The Disney Parks Blog announced today that as of this coming Sunday, October 15th, dogs will be welcome at select Walt Disney World Resorts.

The resorts available for a pup-vacation are:

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort- $50 per night cleaning fee

The Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground- $50 per night cleaning fee

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort- $75 per night cleaning fee

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort- $50 per night cleaning fee

Your dog will receive a Welcome Kit at check-in that includes a mat, bowls, ID tag, plastic bags, puppy pads and a map to locate walking areas. Also included is a “Do Not Disturb” sign, so cast members know to avoid entering the room when your pup is enjoying their alone time.

Dogs must be well behaved and there is a limit of two dogs per room.

Guests may also want to take advantage of Best Friends Pet Care located on Disney property. They offer daycare and boarding services for guests of the park for an additional fee. Why not let your buddy have play time with other pups while you are enjoying your park day?

So the big question is…..will your furry friend be joining you on your next Disney vacation?


Should You Use a Travel Agent?


You are hereWhen I was planning my first Disney vacation, I quickly became overwhelmed with questions…What is the cheapest time to go?…Where should we stay that is within our budget?…Should we get the Dining Plan?

I eventually navigated through the questions, but really wished there was someone I could speak to who could walk me through the process and truly understood my family’s wants and needs.

After several more vacations over the years, my knowledge of the booking process and budgeting grew and I decided to become a travel agent who specializes in Disney Vacations. I wanted to pass on what I learned to help others make magical memories.

How can a Travel Agent Help?


You work with the same person from the start to the finish of your vacation. Do you need to make a change to your reservation? Contact your agent. It’s that simple! No need to make multiple calls and speak with a different agent at Disney’s 800 number every time.


Your agent will discuss your budget and offer options that best fit your family’s needs. They also have access to the current discounts and offers and can navigate Disney’s system to find you the very best rates.

As a travel agent, I also make sure to discuss the pros and cons of the Disney Dining Plan and give all the information so you can make financial decisions that work best for your family. My goal on every trip is to book the most cost-effective and money-saving options for my family, and this is the knowledge that I pass on to clients.

It’s Free

Travel Agents do not charge you for their services. They make a commission directly from Disney. You get all this support…at no cost!

Dining and FastPass Reservations

Agents can help you book your ride FastPasses and Dining Reservations. Dining Reservations become available early in the morning when most households are getting ready for school or work. Your agent can book these for you, so you can go about your day worry-free.

Tips and Guidance

Most Travel Agents have been to the destinations on multiple occasions and can give you some fantastic tips on where to dine and what to see. Do you want to make a romantic trip more memorable or are you celebrating an event? Ask your Agent about ways to make your trip even more special!


These are just a few reasons to use a Travel Agent for your next Disney Vacation. The service is free and it’s like having your own personal concierge throughout the booking process. It’s well worth the consideration!

If you have questions about an upcoming vacation or would like a quote, please feel free to email me or follow my Facebook page for current deals and information. I love Disney and enjoy sharing tips on how others can make the most out of their vacation.

Have the most magical of days!

  • Cara “Winnie”





The Key To a Great Disney Vacation: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff



Disney World

Let’s Go!

Many bloggers follow Disney groups on social media to determine what is currently a “buzz” topic. We want to know what people are talking about, what is new in the parks and where people are focusing their attention. Most group members post about how much fun they had on vacation, their countdown to the next trip or questions about resorts and parks.

Every once in a while, you see a post that is regarding a negative experience. Someone got stuck on a ride, a hotel room wasn’t ready on time or dinner at a park restaurant did not meet expectations. Sometimes these blips are perceived to be “Day Ruiners”.

Things happen. Vacations are never 100 percent perfect. We all have expectations of what the experience should be…but sometimes we do hit those minor inconveniences.

How should we as guests handle situations that don’t meet expectations?

Firstly…don’t panic.

If you hit a snag, Disney generally is very accommodating. If you find yourself stuck on a ride or a longer period of time, Disney will most likely give you a Fastpass for a later return. This way you can skip the line and enjoy the ride when it’s convenient for you.

Are you running late for a dining reservation and it’s out of your control because you were stuck on a ride or couldn’t get through a crowd? Explain this to the host/hostess when you arrive at the restaurant and they will  most likely do whatever possible to seat you. We were in this situation last December. We could not navigate through a crowd because of the holiday castle lighting and were a 1/2 hour late to our dinner. The Hostess at Liberty Tree Tavern was great and immediately assisted us in getting us back in the queue for a table.

It is difficult to stay calm when vacation snags occur, and Disney has a fantastic Customer Service model. Cast Members are trained to support Guest needs and offer options.

The front desk of your Disney resort hotel can assist with many requests and handle questions about both your park and resort experience. There are also Guest Service desks at the front of each park that handle guest questions and issues that arise.

Always remember that Cast Members want to help make your trip memorable…but it is important to have realistic expectations and to prepare for a little road block here or there.

If it happens, put on those mouse ears, dance or grab a Dole Whip…those things can turn any frown into a smile.



Is That Vacation Contest Real?


Social Media Scams

Have you noticed those photos being shared on social media sites that promote contests for free Disney cruises and vacations? The caption reads that in order to be eligible for the contest, you must “like”, “share”, and “comment” on the photo as well as “like” the page associated with the photo.

With every share, the photo ends up in Facebook’s Newsfeed and it begins to grow in popularity as more people “like” and “share” to enter the contest.

Scammers on social media sites are getting extremely active and crafty with their tactics to gain followers by offering incredible prizes that draw interest. One photo that is currently circulating has gained a lot of recognition and had over 90,000 likes the other day. The more “likes” a photo gets, the more people think that it is indeed a legitimate contest. The Facebook page associated with the photo claimed that 50 families would be selected to win a Disney cruise and would receive $3,000.00 in spending money.

These Facebook pages are not associated with Disney in any way and are giving false hope for non-existent vacations.

The scammers use Disney branded photos and use wording that appears to be legitimate….so how can you tell if this is a scam?

Disney does not set up separate Facebook pages for their contests. You will find all contests are promoted through their official websites and social media sites.

Disney does not host “like” and “share” contests…ever. All of their contests are either performed through their website with a contest entry form or button, or if it is a photo contest, they have entry opportunities through their website or official Instagram accounts.

What to look out for? Before hitting that “like” and “share” button, check a few things…

Official Disney Facebook pages have a blue check that confirms it is a company sponsored page.

Official Disney Facebook pages have a blue check that confirms it is a company sponsored page.

  • Was the page set up recently…within the past week or month?
  • Does the page only have a few pictures in the “Photos” section of Facebook or a few photos on Instagram?
  • Is the Facebook page an official Disney page? All of the Disney Facebook pages have a blue check next to their name in the search area, as well as next to their name on the Facebook page. This blue check states that they are a certified official Disney page.
  • Look in the “About” section to see the additional info. Most scammers post websites that redirect to survey sites. They are pretty crafty and do use “Disney” in their website names and Facebook pages to appear legitimate.

Why do scammers want you to “like” them?

  • Some of these contests ask you to click on a link that redirects you to a site that asks for personal information. Do not share your personal information with anyone. Scammers can use this information to steal your identity which can cause a host of problems.
  • Scammers can use these contests to gain “likes” on a Facebook page, which could then be sold and used at a later time to promote unrelated products and services.

Before you “like” and “share” anything on social media sites, please check the source to ensure it is not a scam. If it looks too good to be true…it generally is too good to be true.

Making Birthdays Special At Walt Disney World


Birthdays at Disney

Are you celebrating an upcoming birthday at the Walt Disney World Resort? Want to make the day extra special?

Here are some thoughts and ideas to celebrate the grand occasion that happens just once a year.

Before You Go

When planning your Advance Dining Reservations, make sure to tell the cast member that someone in your party has a birthday. They will make a special note in your reservation and ensure that there is a magical happening during your dining experience. The surprises vary; however generally a celebratory cupcake or small dessert should be expected.

Add a Special Event

Think about adding on a special event to your vacation plans. (These options do have an additional fee associated.)

For the kids…consider booking a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or The Pirate’s League. Plan a special meal like a character meet-and-greet at Cinderella’s Royal Table or one of 8 other restaurant options found throughout the Disney Resort.

Sail the Seven Seas Lagoon with Captain Hook and Smee on the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage for a celebration full of singing, adventure and storytelling. The cruise anchors so that guests get an incredible view of the Wishes fireworks from the Magic Kingdom park.


For family celebrations, custom cakes are obtainable through the Disney Bakery. Chocolate and vanilla cakes are available for purchase in most table service restaurants and do not require advanced ordering. If you wish for a more elaborate cake, or one bearing a favorite Disney character, contact Disney at (407) 827-2253 to place your order. Disney cake creations can be as simple or as magical as you wish!

Room Decorations

Room decorations are a wonderful surprise for a special day. Disney Floral has in-room celebration packages that include everything from a bouquet of flowers to a full room decoration to enjoy upon your arrival to the resort or back from a day at the parks.
The room decorations through Disney can get rather costly. You can bring your own decorations and create an in-room celebration! Stop by your local party store for garland, paper table toppers, balloons and special treats to create your very own Disney themed party! You can decorate your room either while the little ones are sleeping or out for a walk at the resort.

Get a Birthday Pin

When making your reservation at a Disney hotel, be sure to note if a member of your party is celebrating a birthday. Upon check-in, the cast member may give you a special birthday pin. If one is not available in your hotel, go to the Guest Services location at the entrance of any Disney Park to get a pin.

Wearing a birthday pin is a fun experience in the parks. Cast members and even other guests will grant “Happy Birthday” wishes throughout the day. Sometimes cast members walking in parades will high five or shake hands with a guest celebrating a birthday. Disney knows that guests enjoy a little extra on their special day and they make sure to go out of the way!
Plan ahead and ensure that your birthday celebration is truly a magical experience!



Try a Ticketed Event To Get the Most Out Of Your Trip.


Ticketed Events

Hey there…Hi there!

It’s been a long time since I blogged, so I need to shake off some of the dust from my computer and get back into the routine of writing about the most magical place.

This year’s dates for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party have been officially announced and I have been anxiously wanting to share about our adventures there in December.

Here we goooooooo……..

During our recent holiday trip to Walt Disney World, my husband and I lost a park day due to an illness. It was our Magic Kingdom day and I began to scramble to find an alternative since we love those late evening Extra Magic Hours in the parks. The Magic Kingdom was holding Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for the next two nights, so we decided to give it a try. I can honestly say that it was the best Disney vacation decision that we could have made.

If you are thinking about planning a trip during the holidays, I highly recommend considering attending The Magic Kingdom’s ticketed events. Guests with tickets to the events are permitted to enter the gates at 4PM….so that means a 8 whole hours of Disney-style goodness!

The dates for this year’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will take place on certain nights between November 8th and December 18th, 2015. The tickets will most likely go on sale in April or May of this year and those who purchase in advance generally get a discount. Be on the lookout for the presale!

The event has a special holiday themed parade and fireworks spectacular. One of the benefits of attending this party is that fewer guests are permitted into the park which results in smaller crowds and easier navigation around the parks.

We attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on December 5th, and it was one of the less attended events. The crowds get larger the closer it gets to Christmas week.

As soon as we arrived at the gate, we were given a special event-themed wristband that we had to wear throughout the evening. We immediately noticed while walking down Main Street U.S.A. that we were walking at a normal pace and actually enjoying the sites. The only places that seemed to be crowded were Town Hall (The Guest Services location) and the Emporium store where everyone seemed to be holiday shopping.

After a really calm dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, we decided to check out the ride situation.

This was where we got our money’s worth. There were little or no lines for the rides that we experienced. We skipped the Christmas parade and the fireworks in order to miss the crowds.

The only rides that we waited for were Pirates of the Caribbean (15 minutes) and Peter Pan (20 minutes). Those who have waited in line for Peter Pan know that it can be over an hour on some days to get the opportunity to fly to Neverland…so this was a big time saver! Since I am still recovering from an accident last year, there were a bunch of rides that we could not go on, however the waits seemed pretty short (about 30 minutes) for the thrill rides as well.

Free hot chocolate and cookies are also offered to guests at several Quick Service restaurants in the park. This was an added bonus that we really enjoyed. Mmmmm cookies!

The fireworks that we skipped were explained to us by a cast member to be lengthier than the regular show and holiday themed. He tried to talk us out of going on a ride because we would miss the show. We did catch a glimpse of the fireworks as we were running around Fantasyland and they were outstanding from our vantage point. As we were entering “It’s a Small World”, we were surrounded by the breathtaking finale and it was stunningly beautiful!

Access to the characters for picture taking and autographs was easier than a normal day. There were characters throughout the park in holiday attire and most of the lines were extremely manageable.

Everything about the party was done right and as we exited the park, we spoke about how much fun we had…and how we would definitely plan to experience it again.

My tips for a great night:

  • Book early to save on party tickets.
  • Check the weather before you go. You may need a light jacket or sweatshirt if there is a chill in the air.
  • Consider a sit down dinner before you go into the park so you don’t miss any of the fun. Grab a snack later from one of the Quick Service restaurants at Magic Kingdom.
  • Arrive at the Magic Kingdom at 4PM to get the most value out of your evening.
  • Take the opportunity to dress up the family in holiday themed shirts and snap a photo to use for your holiday cards.
  • The parade route fills up quickly. Grab your free hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy while you snag the perfect viewing spot and wait for the festivities to begin.
  • If your family is not a fan of parades, use the time to get on some of the more popular rides. The wait times diminish during parades and fireworks.


If you do attend a ticketed event, make sure your phones and cameras are charged and at the ready. You never know what wonderful surprises Disney has in store!


Once Upon A Time’s Frosty Return

Once Upon Returns With a New Addition.

Once Upon Returns With a New Addition.

Tonight is the highly anticipated return of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” and Queen Elsa will be making a chilly appearance in Storybrooke. It will be interesting to see how her introduction will shake things up in our favorite little fantasy town.

Will you be watching…or will you simply Let It Go?




Swimming With Nemo’s Friends



During our last visit to Epcot we spent a lot of time exploring the pavilion where The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride is located. We were amazed while viewing the giant aquariums full of some of the stars of the Nemo ride. There is also a  manatee room that showcases Disney’s commitment to the rehabilitation and care of marine life. The entire pavilion gets guests up close to these beautiful creatures and cast members are on hand to answer questions about the residents of the seas.

We are currently planning another trip to Walt Disney World and I was excited to learn that there is a scuba tour of the aquarium that is offered for an additional fee!

The tour lasts 3 hours with 40 minutes of dive time and includes the gear (tanks, mask, etc.) needed for a trip under the “sea”.  During the tour, guests will see a variety of fish, turtles and even sharks!

In order to enjoy the tour, guests must have a valid SCUBA certification. Those with a Padi certification and Annual Passholders enjoy a little discount off the $175.00 price tag.

SCUBA certified guests ages 10 and up are permitted to sign up for the experience. Children between the ages of 10-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult (over 18) who is also SCUBA certified.

I recently booked this experience as a Christmas gift for my husband and was given the following instructions:

  • No jewelry of any kind can be worn during the experience. This includes wedding rings.
  • No photography or videography is permitted while in backstage areas. Photos and video are permitted in non-backstage areas. A video of the experience will be available after the tour for an additional fee if guests choose to make the purchase.
  • Guests should bring their SCUBA certification and check in at the Main Entrance of Epcot 15 minute prior to the tour.
  • Guests who are not going on the tour, are not allowed backstage but can view their friends and family members from the tunnel in the upstairs viewport of the pavilion. You can see your SCUBA diving companions 1 hour after the tour begins. The first hour consists of the divers preparing and getting their suits and gear ready.
  • Diving equipment is provided, however guests must bring their own bathing suit. Guests are also permitted to bring a mask if they do not wish to use the one that Disney supplies.
  • You will forfeit the cost of the tour if you are a no-show or cancel within 2 days of the experience.

Guests must book this experience in advance by calling 407-939-8687. The tour has limited availability so book sooner rather than later. More details regarding the tour can be found here.

I am really looking forward to sharing photos and more details when we experience it first-hand in a few months!

Saying Goodbye To A Legend

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Source: The Walt Disney Company


Sending out thoughts and love to the family, friends and fans of Robin Williams.

Mr. Williams was a tremendous talent and gave us the gift of laughter through his characters both on the big screen and on television.

He will be greatly missed.