Do You Have a Disney Side?

Margaret and Gerti (2)

       Margaret and Gerti showing their Disney Side

Disney’s new Show Your Disney Side is proving to be quite a powerful marketing campaign. The ads focus on those special moments that are created when you walk through the gates of a Disney park. The sparkle in your eye when you stroll down Main Street USA…the purchase of your first Mickey balloon…the first time you ride Space Mountain.

The Disney Side Video Contest on Vine was announced several weeks back and has produced some creative fan videos . Disney asks participants to make a 6 second video showing their Disney Side for the chance to win a daily prize of $1,000.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a vacation to a Disney resort and a $10,000 commission to make more Disney-themed Vine videos.

The contest rules are in three parts:

1. Make a 6 second Vine video showing your Disney side.

The video can take place anywhere; it does not have to be filmed in a park. Examples of what Disney is looking for can be found on their Vine page here.

2. Share the video using the hashtag #DisneySideContest in the description.

3. Follow @DisneyParks on Twitter. (This is an essential step because it is the way that Disney will contact you if you are chosen as a winner.)

The contest is currently running through October 30, 2013.  Make sure to refrain from using Disney copyrighted materials including images and music, or other branded items.

Get creative..break out those iPhones and make some Disney magic by showing your Disney Side!

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