Avatar Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Avatar Land

Source: D23.com

Some exciting announcements were made at the D23 Expo in Japan as reported by D23.com, including the addition of Avatar attractions and experiences within Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The expansion of Animal Kingdom has been long discussed and as explained at the Expo, the changes will most likely take effect by 2017.

What’s New?

Avatar land attractions including a jungle with lanterns, floating mountains and plants will take guests to the land of Pandora for an experience never before felt at the Disney parks.  An evening show at Discovery River featuring lights, water effects and animal images will be introduced.  As with any new Disney experience, the concept art doesn’t really give us a full picture of what we will see; however the Disney Imagineers have a huge task in front of them of bringing Pandora to life.

The new land will have a home in the Camp Minnie- Mickey area. The Festival of the Lion King is rumored to be moving to a new theatre in the Africa section of the park.

My Thoughts

Animal Kingdom has always been my escape from the loud and crowded theme park hustle and bustle. Riding on Kilimanjaro Safaris is truly an escape like nothing else…and probably the most relaxing experience in Walt Disney World.  While it is difficult to imagine Animal Kingdom getting a makeover, it will be interesting to be in the park after dusk. This will not only give guests a new experience, but allow for more choices in your evening entertainment; which could mean less crowds since everyone is spread out amongst several parks. My hope is that Disney will retain those quiet areas of Animal Kingdom and of course give the animals themselves a refuge from all the sounds and sights of these new attractions. After all, they are the stars of the show and should be allowed to feel comfy and safe.

What are your thoughts on the changes? Do you think this is a good addition to Animal Kingdom?

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