Disney Inspired Fashions

The “Show Your Disney Side” ad campaign is in full effect this year. Print ads as well as TV commercials are showing Disney fans headed into the parks dressed as their favorite characters.

2014 is all about showing your love of Disney through character inspired fashion.

Part of the excitement of a Disney vacation is people watching and viewing all of the incredible outfits that guests have put together. From matching family t-shirts to all out character themed ensembles; there is so much creativity to be found in the parks.

If you are planning a Disney vacation and want to leave those character shirts at home; consider putting together a few Disney inspired outfits to take on your journey. By using colorful shirts and accessories, you can achieve the look of your favorite Disney characters.

These looks can be attained by purchasing items at local or online stores, finding pieces from thrift shops, discovering hand crafted pieces on Etsy…or you may already have some of these styles in your closet!

For my Disney inspired fashions, I used one basic black pant as the staple piece.  I fell in love with the new crop pants from Chicos because they are comfortable and versatile. You can wear them rolled during the day when it is warmer and unroll them in the evenings when it gets a little chilly. They are currently on sale ($30 discount) and can be found here.

Most of the outfits are paired with pearl style earrings from Target that can be found here. The more items that you reuse from outfit to outfit….the fewer things you need to pack.

So without further ado…I present Disney Inspired Fashions by Winnie the Stew!

Peter Pan inspired look.

Peter Pan inspired look.

It’s so easy being green!  Show off your Neverland style with a simple shirt, sparkly green accessories and a fascinator.  The shirt I am using is from L.L. Bean, jewelry from Target and found this amazing green hair clip in the clearance section of a local fabric store.

Accessory ideas.

Accessory ideas.

I attached a tiny red feather to the back with some hot glue…and…ta-da….instant Peter Pan fascinator!  There are some great tutorials on Youtube for making felt flowers for hair and hair bows for your Disney inspired looks.

Winnie the Pooh inspired style.

Winnie the Pooh inspired style.

Dressing like Pooh is never a bother with a few simple clothing pieces.  The shirt pictured is from L.L. Bean, infinity scarf from Walmart (in store) and earrings by alliteration on Etsy.com.

Earrings by alliteration on Etsy.com.

Earrings by alliteration on Etsy.com.

I couldn’t open the mail soon enough when these earrings arrived. They are darling and the perfect addition to a Disney wardrobe!

Minnie Mouse inspired look.

Minnie Mouse inspired look.

An easy Minnie Mouse look can be achieved by wearing her signature colors!  The bold red shirt is by L.L. Bean, scarf from Target and the pearl earrings that I listed above.

For a date night Minnie look….you could wear a red dress, black leggings and add a polka dot scarf….

Minnie Mouse date night look.

Minnie Mouse date night look.

Red dresses can be found almost everywhere right now. The one above has been sitting in my closet for a while; however Old Navy sells a similar style.

Date Night Accessories

Date Night Accessories

The scarf pictured above is made out of a stiff heavy cotton that works for the colder Floridian evenings. SewEMG on Etsy makes the scarves available in several colors and styles. There is also a lovely yellow polka dot scarf that would work for a Winnie the Pooh look! Of course there are those pearl earrings again. Going to get a lot of wear out of those on this trip.

When dressing in Disney style the whole point is to have fun and be creative. Have a blast showing off your Disney side on your next vacation and remember to take lots of pictures!

Wishing you the most magical of wardrobes. 8 : )

– Winnie


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