Pizza Delivery Scam at Disney Resorts

While staying at a Disney Resort we came back to our room each night to find one or several food delivery flyers under our door.

This tourist scam is offering lower cost food and enticing meals to Disney guests via glossy marketing materials. The price is right and a much better “deal” than the food offered at the resorts…and this is how the scammers draw people to their business.

Out of curiosity, I grabbed one of the flyers and used Google to search for the business with both the name of the business and phone number… I came up with nothing. After doing a little more research on this I read that guests have had nightmare situations in which they ordered pizza or meals that arrived sometimes hours after the order was placed….or they didn’t receive food at all and the scammers made off with credit card numbers.

What to do if you are craving pizza?

National chains like Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut deliver to Disney resort hotels as well as local restaurants that include Flippers and Giordano’s.

Pizza delivery through Disney is offered at some resorts. You can find a list of available resorts here.  The pizza delivery through Disney will set you back two adult Table Service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. Each meal consists of 1 large pizza, 2 non-alcoholic beverages and 2 desserts.

You can also grab some pizza in the parks at these locations and others:

Stick with trusted organizations when ordering food on your vacations… will need that credit card for souvenir shopping!

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