Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th1

Every year on May the 4th, fans of the Star Wars franchise celebrate their love of the series.

The Disney Store locations throughout the US are getting in on the fun today and offering some family friendly events.

The first 100 guests at each store on May the 4th will receive a limited edition Star Wars Pin. New Star Wars merchandise will be also be introduced, including talking action figures.

Children 3 and up can participate in some “Ways of the Force” activities that include:

* Lightsaber training
* How to use the Force for good like Obi-Wan
* Assist Luke Skywalker in defeating the Death Star on an interactive wall
* Participate in a medal ceremony

These are all fun activities in which Yoda would definitely approve.

If you cannot make it to a Disney Store, here are some ways that you can celebrate at home:

* Put on some music from the film and have a lightsaber battle. If you do not have the lightsaber toys, pool noodles work as excellent stand ins.

* Costume fashion show! Dress as your favorite characters and have an in-home parade!

* Host a movie marathon. Make some popcorn and dim the lights for an evening of pure Star Wars magic!

*Get out those Star Wars Lego kits and build your own movie set. Film some scenes with your phone and create your family’s own version of a Lego Star Wars movie!

* Support your local comic book stores. Most are holding their own May the 4th events today. Check to see if there is one near you and have a family day.


Wishing you the very happiest May the 4th.



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