I’ve Got 999 Problems But Haunted Mansion Merchandise Isn’t One

Haunted Mansion Winnie the stew use this

Hold on to your DoomBuggies!

After months of rumors swirling, The Disney Parks Blog finally announced that there will be an entire line of Haunted Mansion related merchandise introduced at the parks within the upcoming months to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the ride. For those of us who are beyond obsessed with the ride, this may be the best news since the new interactive queue was introduced in 2011.

Over 100 new items will be sold in the parks and includes artwork, t-shirts, bookends, jewelry and shoes bearing the wallpaper design from Mansion. Even the illusive Dooney and Bourke bag that sells out every time it is replenished will be available as well as a wristlet and letter carrier purse.

Two of the most buzzed about items are the t-shirts that look like the castmembers’ maid and butler uniforms. They are truly a remarkable recreation of the costumes and would make the perfect addition to any Disney fan’s wardrobe. There is always room for one more t-shirt….mwah haha!

Another interesting item is the bookend set that bears the likenesses of the ghost writer busts from the library scene. Just imagine being creeped out every time you go to grab your favorite novel and thinking to yourself, “Are they watching and following me?”

The merchandise will be rolled out within the next couple of months and some of the items will appear on the Disney Store website.

Look alive and head on over to the Disney Parks Blog website to take a look at the photos of some of these haunting items…there’s no turning back now.





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