The Key To a Great Disney Vacation: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff


Disney World

Let’s Go!

Many bloggers follow Disney groups on social media to determine what is currently a “buzz” topic. We want to know what people are talking about, what is new in the parks and where people are focusing their attention. Most group members post about how much fun they had on vacation, their countdown to the next trip or questions about resorts and parks.

Every once in a while, you see a post that is regarding a negative experience. Someone got stuck on a ride, a hotel room wasn’t ready on time or dinner at a park restaurant did not meet expectations. Sometimes these blips are perceived to be “Day Ruiners”.

Things happen. Vacations are never 100 percent perfect. We all have expectations of what the experience should be…but sometimes we do hit those minor inconveniences.

How should we as guests handle situations that don’t meet expectations?

Firstly…don’t panic.

If you hit a snag, Disney generally is very accommodating. If you find yourself stuck on a ride or a longer period of time, Disney will most likely give you a Fastpass for a later return. This way you can skip the line and enjoy the ride when it’s convenient for you.

Are you running late for a dining reservation and it’s out of your control because you were stuck on a ride or couldn’t get through a crowd? Explain this to the host/hostess when you arrive at the restaurant and they will  most likely do whatever possible to seat you. We were in this situation last December. We could not navigate through a crowd because of the holiday castle lighting and were a 1/2 hour late to our dinner. The Hostess at Liberty Tree Tavern was great and immediately assisted us in getting us back in the queue for a table.

It is difficult to stay calm when vacation snags occur, and Disney has a fantastic Customer Service model. Cast Members are trained to support Guest needs and offer options.

The front desk of your Disney resort hotel can assist with many requests and handle questions about both your park and resort experience. There are also Guest Service desks at the front of each park that handle guest questions and issues that arise.

Always remember that Cast Members want to help make your trip memorable…but it is important to have realistic expectations and to prepare for a little road block here or there.

If it happens, put on those mouse ears, dance or grab a Dole Whip…those things can turn any frown into a smile.



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