Should You Use a Travel Agent?

You are hereWhen I was planning my first Disney vacation, I quickly became overwhelmed with questions…What is the cheapest time to go?…Where should we stay that is within our budget?…Should we get the Dining Plan?

I eventually navigated through the questions, but really wished there was someone I could speak to who could walk me through the process and truly understood my family’s wants and needs.

After several more vacations over the years, my knowledge of the booking process and budgeting grew and I decided to become a travel agent who specializes in Disney Vacations. I wanted to pass on what I learned to help others make magical memories.

How can a Travel Agent Help?


You work with the same person from the start to the finish of your vacation. Do you need to make a change to your reservation? Contact your agent. It’s that simple! No need to make multiple calls and speak with a different agent at Disney’s 800 number every time.


Your agent will discuss your budget and offer options that best fit your family’s needs. They also have access to the current discounts and offers and can navigate Disney’s system to find you the very best rates.

As a travel agent, I also make sure to discuss the pros and cons of the Disney Dining Plan and give all the information so you can make financial decisions that work best for your family. My goal on every trip is to book the most cost-effective and money-saving options for my family, and this is the knowledge that I pass on to clients.

It’s Free

Travel Agents do not charge you for their services. They make a commission directly from Disney. You get all this support…at no cost!

Dining and FastPass Reservations

Agents can help you book your ride FastPasses and Dining Reservations. Dining Reservations become available early in the morning when most households are getting ready for school or work. Your agent can book these for you, so you can go about your day worry-free.

Tips and Guidance

Most Travel Agents have been to the destinations on multiple occasions and can give you some fantastic tips on where to dine and what to see. Do you want to make a romantic trip more memorable or are you celebrating an event? Ask your Agent about ways to make your trip even more special!


These are just a few reasons to use a Travel Agent for your next Disney Vacation. The service is free and it’s like having your own personal concierge throughout the booking process. It’s well worth the consideration!

If you have questions about an upcoming vacation or would like a quote, please feel free to email me or follow my Facebook page for current deals and information. I love Disney and enjoy sharing tips on how others can make the most out of their vacation.

Have the most magical of days!

  • Cara “Winnie”





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