Star Wars Weekends Welcomes Mark Hamill To Star Lineup


Star Wars Weekend

Annually….in a theme park not so far away….sci-fi fans gather to celebrate a movie franchise that was a significant part of their childhood.

Star Wars Weekends are coming back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fridays through Sundays starting May 16th and ending on June 15th. The weekends are packed with character meet and greets, autograph sessions with stars, parades, Jedi Training Academies and stage shows.

An official announcement was made by the Disney Company that Mark Hamill, the actor who portrayed Luke Skywalker will be appearing from June 6th-8th.  Mr. Hamill will be appearing daily in the popular “Legends of the Force” parade and a talk show.

This year fans will also enjoy a special fireworks event that features Star Wars characters and themed beverages and food options.

Some fans go all out with dressing up as their favorite characters and the meet and greets alone are incredible fun.  Additional merchandise locations are set-up for the weekends as well as some prime locations and backdrops for photographs.

Disney always adds additional celebrities to their appearance roster for the events. They will be updating the official website as celebrities are confirmed. You can view the website here.

May the vacation planning force be with you!


Coping with Disney Withdrawal


Bring the magic home

Coming home from the most Magical Place on Earth can be a difficult transition. After you have been immersed in the magic and fun of the Walt Disney World Parks and Resort, you get used to the magical atmosphere and the kindness of the cast members. You are quickly brought back to reality at the Orlando International airport, when, after removing your shoes and going through the metal detector, the TSA agent doesn’t tell you to “have a magical day.” The friendliness, cleanliness, and customer service of the Walt Disney World Resort is second to none and it can be quite jarring returning to the “real world” after your vacation.

These are some of my personal tips to help overcome Disney vacation withdrawal:

1. Bring A Little Magic Home With You– If you are like me, while you were at the parks, you were tempted to overspend on souvenirs for your home. One of my favorite souvenirs is one that I use every day, my oversized Mickey coffee cup. It is my favorite cup and serves as a memory of a great vacation and a reminder to go back! While in the parks, scope out a special souvenir that you can bring home to help keep the magic alive!

2. Have a Disney Movie Night– Get in your jammies and sit down with the family to view your favorite Disney classic (or maybe a new favorite, Frozen is out on Bluray and DVD today!!!) Pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy the show!

3. Listen To The Disney Theme Parks’ Soundtrack– During each visit to the parks, we always buy the latest soundtrack and listen to it for at least three months after we get home. We play it in the car and while we clean up after dinner. It’s a great way to bring the magic of Disney into our home!

4. While in the Parks, Get Decorating Ideas– During our vacations at the WDW Resort, my wife and I look around for decorating ideas for our home. Our home decor is rustic country, so we have been able to get a lot of great ideas from the Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans Riverside and Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. We even took pictures of rock walls around the Magic Kingdom to give us ideas before building our patio. While in the Whispering Canyon Cafe, beverages are served in mason jars. We now use mason jars as glasses in our home. Adding subtle touches to the decor in your home allows you to add magic to your home and is a constant reminder of your Disney vacation.

5. Make a Home Movie or Scrapbook of your Vacation– Take those pictures and videos of your vacation and make a home movie that the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Making a scrapbook is another fun way to remember the memories of your trip.

6. Host a Character Meal in your Dining Room– Have your children dress as their favorite Disney characters for a special dinner. Prepare foods that you enjoyed at Disney restaurants. Consider making your own Mickey-shaped rice crispy treats just like the ones in the parks.  Act as an official photographer and take pictures of your dining event.

7. Two Words: Mickey Pancakes!!!– You know you love them!

8. Start Planning Your Next Vacation– Admit it, you have a problem. Begin dreaming and saving for your next Disney Vacation.

How do you keep the Disney magic alive upon your return home? Would like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

– Todd

Pizza Delivery Scam at Disney Resorts


While staying at a Disney Resort we came back to our room each night to find one or several food delivery flyers under our door.

This tourist scam is offering lower cost food and enticing meals to Disney guests via glossy marketing materials. The price is right and a much better “deal” than the food offered at the resorts…and this is how the scammers draw people to their business.

Out of curiosity, I grabbed one of the flyers and used Google to search for the business with both the name of the business and phone number… I came up with nothing. After doing a little more research on this I read that guests have had nightmare situations in which they ordered pizza or meals that arrived sometimes hours after the order was placed….or they didn’t receive food at all and the scammers made off with credit card numbers.

What to do if you are craving pizza?

National chains like Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut deliver to Disney resort hotels as well as local restaurants that include Flippers and Giordano’s.

Pizza delivery through Disney is offered at some resorts. You can find a list of available resorts here.  The pizza delivery through Disney will set you back two adult Table Service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. Each meal consists of 1 large pizza, 2 non-alcoholic beverages and 2 desserts.

You can also grab some pizza in the parks at these locations and others:

Stick with trusted organizations when ordering food on your vacations… will need that credit card for souvenir shopping!

Disney Inspired Fashions


The “Show Your Disney Side” ad campaign is in full effect this year. Print ads as well as TV commercials are showing Disney fans headed into the parks dressed as their favorite characters.

2014 is all about showing your love of Disney through character inspired fashion.

Part of the excitement of a Disney vacation is people watching and viewing all of the incredible outfits that guests have put together. From matching family t-shirts to all out character themed ensembles; there is so much creativity to be found in the parks.

If you are planning a Disney vacation and want to leave those character shirts at home; consider putting together a few Disney inspired outfits to take on your journey. By using colorful shirts and accessories, you can achieve the look of your favorite Disney characters.

These looks can be attained by purchasing items at local or online stores, finding pieces from thrift shops, discovering hand crafted pieces on Etsy…or you may already have some of these styles in your closet!

For my Disney inspired fashions, I used one basic black pant as the staple piece.  I fell in love with the new crop pants from Chicos because they are comfortable and versatile. You can wear them rolled during the day when it is warmer and unroll them in the evenings when it gets a little chilly. They are currently on sale ($30 discount) and can be found here.

Most of the outfits are paired with pearl style earrings from Target that can be found here. The more items that you reuse from outfit to outfit….the fewer things you need to pack.

So without further ado…I present Disney Inspired Fashions by Winnie the Stew!

Peter Pan inspired look.

Peter Pan inspired look.

It’s so easy being green!  Show off your Neverland style with a simple shirt, sparkly green accessories and a fascinator.  The shirt I am using is from L.L. Bean, jewelry from Target and found this amazing green hair clip in the clearance section of a local fabric store.

Accessory ideas.

Accessory ideas.

I attached a tiny red feather to the back with some hot glue…and…ta-da….instant Peter Pan fascinator!  There are some great tutorials on Youtube for making felt flowers for hair and hair bows for your Disney inspired looks.

Winnie the Pooh inspired style.

Winnie the Pooh inspired style.

Dressing like Pooh is never a bother with a few simple clothing pieces.  The shirt pictured is from L.L. Bean, infinity scarf from Walmart (in store) and earrings by alliteration on

Earrings by alliteration on

Earrings by alliteration on

I couldn’t open the mail soon enough when these earrings arrived. They are darling and the perfect addition to a Disney wardrobe!

Minnie Mouse inspired look.

Minnie Mouse inspired look.

An easy Minnie Mouse look can be achieved by wearing her signature colors!  The bold red shirt is by L.L. Bean, scarf from Target and the pearl earrings that I listed above.

For a date night Minnie look….you could wear a red dress, black leggings and add a polka dot scarf….

Minnie Mouse date night look.

Minnie Mouse date night look.

Red dresses can be found almost everywhere right now. The one above has been sitting in my closet for a while; however Old Navy sells a similar style.

Date Night Accessories

Date Night Accessories

The scarf pictured above is made out of a stiff heavy cotton that works for the colder Floridian evenings. SewEMG on Etsy makes the scarves available in several colors and styles. There is also a lovely yellow polka dot scarf that would work for a Winnie the Pooh look! Of course there are those pearl earrings again. Going to get a lot of wear out of those on this trip.

When dressing in Disney style the whole point is to have fun and be creative. Have a blast showing off your Disney side on your next vacation and remember to take lots of pictures!

Wishing you the most magical of wardrobes. 8 : )

– Winnie

Tips For Traveling to Disney World With An AutoImmune Disease


Winnie the Stew’s

Traveling with an autoimmune disease means that guests need to plan not only for everyday health… but the what-if scenarios.

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you will need to take some steps to ensure both a healthy and safe trip for you.

I have been fighting two autoimmune diseases for 9 years and want to share some of my tips with you so you can have a healthier and happier vacation….and avoid the “ouch”!

Make a list

Create a packing check list that you can refer back to when making purchases and gathering items for your trip.
Bring items that you use everyday and medications that you only use for the “bad days”…being prepared is key!

What should I pack?


Pack a high SPF sunscreen. Bring a larger bottle and a small travel sized sunscreen that you can take with you into the park to reapply every 2 hours.

Hats and sunglasses

Take a baseball hat or a hat with a wide brim… or use the vacation as an excuse to buy a hat in the park. Pack sunglasses and be sure to wear them every time you are out in the sun.

Protective clothing

I generally pack 3/4 sleeve tops and longer capri pants (crops) so I am getting the most sun protection. Some retail stores also sell SPF clothing and gauzy long sleeved tops that keep you cooler.

Comfortable shoes

While on vacation we all want to pack our cutest shoes and flip flops. Vacationing at Walt Disney World means LOTS of walking and standing.

Consider that you will be walking at least 6-8 hours per day. That is a lot of time on your feet!
Bring broken in sneakers and shoes that you know will comfortably support your feet. Personally, I have found Crocs to be the most comfortable shoe for a day of walking. They come in all different styles, so it’s not just limited to the clogs. I also bring along my broken in pair of sneakers if I know we will be doing some long distance walking.


Create a little First-Aid kit to keep in your hotel room and park bag. You can even purchase a small kit at a local drug store. Include band-aids, cotton swabs and whatever topical antiseptic that your doctor recommends. Foot blisters are sometimes one of the evils of walking around all day…no matter how comfy the shoe.

When packing your prescription medications in your carry on: Inform TSA personell that you are carrying your prescription medications with you. Depending on your state’s laws, the TSA agent may check the label against your identification, so it may be necessary that the pills are in their labeled bottles. Check the TSA site and your local/state laws to ensure that you are complying so there are no delays at the security line.

Daily itinerary

Strategic planning for your days within the park will help you to stay a little more comfortable. Since there is so much walking, you will want to plan for frequent rest breaks.

Reserve at least one, if not two sit down meals per day. This will give you time in the air conditioning to relax and rest up for the second half of your day. Plan your meals for both the hottest part of the day (12-1PM) and early evening. Drink lots of water and try to avoid foods that aggravate your autoimmune disease. (One of my trigger foods is anything with processed sugar, so I am careful to avoid many of the baked goods.)

Listen to your body when it says, “Hey… don’t go on that ride!”
Daredevil rides are fun, but be sure to adhere to your health restrictions. For example, if you have joint pain…you may want to sit out some of the rides that are a little more adventurous or jolty.

If you have special dietary restrictions, note this when making your dining reservations online or on the phone with a cast member. Upon arrival at each restaurant, notify the waitstaff that you have dietary restrictions, and you can discuss available options that will meet your needs.
For more information, go to Disney’s Dietary Requests information page located here.

Get some shade.

Take a break from the sun if you have been walking outside for a while. This is the perfect time to sit in on one of Disney’s theatrical experiences or a longer ride.

There are a few staple indoor air-conditioned and outdoor sit-down attractions that I go to in each park when the sun just gets too hot or my feet need a break.

Here are my suggestions for places to go when you need to rest for a while without leaving the parks:

Magic Kingdom

  • Country Bear Jamboree- Frontierland- 14:55 minute theatrical experience
  • Enchanted Tiki Room- 15 minute theatrical experience
  • The Hall of Presidents- 23 minute theatrical experience
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic- 12 minute movie
  • Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress- 20 minute theatrical experience
  • Walt Disney World Railroad- 15-20 minute slow moving ride from Main Street U.S.A. around the park


  • The American Adventure- American Showcase-30 minute theatrical experience
  • Oh Canada!: Canadian Showcase-14 minute movie
  • Captain EO: Future World- 17 minute movie
  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure- Future World- 45 minute slow moving ride
  • Living with the Land- The Land Pavillion- 14:55 minute slow moving ride

Hollywood Studios

  • The Great Movie Ride- 22 minute live action experience
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular- 25 minute live action experience (shielded from sun)
  • Muppet*Vision 3D- 13 minute movie
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid- 15 minute live action experience

Animal Kingdom

  • It’s Tough to be a Bug!- 9 minute movie
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris- 20 minute ride (shielded from sun)
  • Wildlife Express Train- 12 minute ride (shielded from sun)

Wheelchairs and Disability Assistance

Wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles are available to rent in every park.

The cost for renting wheelchairs is currently:
$12 daily
Multi-Day: $10 per day for the length of stay.

Wheelchairs are rented on a first-come first-served basis…so getting to the park early is essential on peak attendance days.

Disney has a list of featured providers for ECV vehicles. You can contact them personally for rates and reservations. Click here for the list and details

Disability Access Card

For guests unable to wait in lines, Disney offers a Disability Access Card. This card allows you to go to a ride and acquire a return time so you can avoid standing in the line. The process is similar to the FastPass in which you come back at a given time to enjoy the ride. Guest Relations in each park assists guests through the registration process. Click here for additional details. If you are unable to stand for long periods of time or have difficulty walking, this may be a great option for you.

If you have any additional tips for traveling with an autoimmune disease, please share them.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest of vacations!

The Disney Vacation Binder

Keep all of your information handy.

Keep all of your information handy.

Planning for a Disney vacation has never been easier with the introduction of My Disney Experience online. Disney hotel information, Advance Dining Reservations and FastPasses can be added to the system. Using the phone app, guests can locate their vacation details effortlessly and conveniently while in the parks.

On top of keeping all of your information online, I highly recommend that you also keep a binder with the details of your trip. Within your binder, you can add information that you will need to successfully plan your upcoming vacation.

Our current binder has the following categories:

  • Flight Information
  • Hotel Reservations and Confirmation Number
  • Disney Dining Reservations
  • FastPasses
  • Grocery List
  • Packing: To Buy List

You can select your own categories to meet the needs of your family. Some families opt to categorize per park or per day.  I add to the binder as needed throughout the planning process and keep the information in plastic binder sleeves. When our vacation week arrives, I will simply staple the itineraries together, pack them in our carry on and leave the binder at home.

Planning made easy!

Do you use a binder for your vacation planning?




My Disney Experience: The FastPass Selection Process

My Magic +

My Magic +

Guests staying onsite at a Walt Disney World Resort are now wearing bracelets called MagicBands that act like a room key, theme park tickets and dining passes ( if you have added dining plans to your stay). We officially hit the 60 day mark of our Disney vacation countdown the other day, which meant that it was time to select the FastPasses that will be added to our MagicBands.

If you are unfamiliar with FastPasses; they are a way to schedule a ride, character meet and greet or a live show time so you do not have to wait in a lengthy queue. Guests arrive at a designated time (an hour increment) and wait in a much shorter line or get priority viewing at a nighttime spectacular…thus freeing up more of your day.

The new MagicBand technology allows guests to add FastPasses to the bracelet…so no more walking around with paper passes that could get lost in your backpack. Gone are the days of running to a FastPass kiosk in the morning to score those coveted gems. Guests are now scanning their MagicBands at the rides and experiences during their FastPass timeslots.

How does the new process work?

On your 60 day mark (or shortly thereafter), log on to the My Disney Experience site. Under the “Plan and Manage” section, select “FastPass+”.

You will select your vacation dates, park you will be attending each day and make your ride selections. Disney also asks you to list the priority for each ride, in order of most important to the least important to you. There is a limit of 3 FastPasses per day.

The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom group their selections into one category from which you make your selections. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot have separate categories since some of the rides in the parks are significantly more popular.

Here is the current breakdown of the selections for each park. They are subject to change as the FastPass process progresses.

Magic Kingdom

Select 3 from this group:

  • It’s a Small World
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyears’ Ranger Spin
  • Dumbo
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Ariel Meet and Greet
  • Cinderella Meet and Greet
  • Mickey Mouse Town Square Meet and Greet
  • Rapunzel Meet and Greet
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain (currently closed for refurbishment)
  • The Barnstormer
  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Under the Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid


Select 1 from this group:

  • Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
  • Maelstrom
  • Epcot Character Spot Disney Pals Meet and Greet
  • Soarin’
  • Test Track Presented by Chevrolet

Select 2 from this group:

  • Captain EO
  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment
  • Living with the Land
  • Mission: SPACE
  • Spaceship Earth
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  • Turtle Talk with Crush

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Select 1 from this group:

  • Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage
  • Fantasmic!
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
  • Toy Story Midway Mania!

Select 2 from this group:

  • Disney Junior- Live on Stage
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
  • Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
  • MuppetVision 3D
  • Star Tours
  • The American Idol Experience
  • The Great Movie Ride
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Select 3 from this group:

  • Dinosaur
  • Expedition Everest
  • Finding Nemo- The Musical
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Disney Pals Adventurers Outpost Meet and Greet
  • Primeval Whirl


The system will give you several Fastpass options and will specify if there is a conflict with a dining reservation. Once you make your selections, the FastPass times will be added to your daily itinerary. Guests must manually make selections for each day of their trip.

If you wish to change the times of your FastPasses, you can easily go into the itinerary and make the corrections. The system will even allow you to choose a timeframe if you ask to see all of the available timeslots.

Are there any drawbacks?

While selecting our FastPasses, I noticed that the system tended to plan most of the passes for the morning hours. When vacationing, we really like to take our time leaving the hotel and are not at the park as soon as it opens. There were several occasions when it gave us evening hours; however some of the times conflicted with our dinner reservations. Disney should consider allowing guests to select the times that work for them, prior to offering choices of timeslots.

After choosing the FastPasses, I continued to get a “Server is Busy” screen during every selection. It said that the system was down and suggested to try again later. Upon checking the itinerary, the FastPasses were indeed scheduled, so this is obviously a glitch they need to fix.

This new system does not take into account if the guest is park hopping between two or more parks a day. Your FastPasses can only be scheduled for one park per day.

With the introduction of any new process, snags and issues are to be expected.  While I encountered several situations that will surely require some adjusting, overall the process will simplify our days in the parks.  It will be nice to be able to use the My Disney Experience app on our phones to view our daily itinerary and note the FastPass times, rather than relying on my paper lists of the past.  While spontaneity is lost with this process, it will be nice to know we won’t be standing in hour long lines for our favorite rides.

Do you think this process will make your vacation more magical? Do you like being able to schedule FastPasses before your trip?


‘Twas the Night Before Our Disney Trip


Winnie the Stew Christmas1
‘Twas the Night Before Our Disney Trip

By: Winnie the Stew


‘Twas the night before our Disney Trip,
When all through the house,
Every creature was readying to see a mouse.

The suitcases where placed by the front door with care;
With hopes that a ride to the airport soon would be there.

The children were wound up and jumping on beds;
While visions of Space Mountain danced in their heads.

Mama in her Tink PJs and I, in my Goofy Tee,
Had just settled in to check the PC.

With what do my vacation-mode eyes do I view;
But my FastPass confirmations and Advance Dining Reservations, too!

When out in the hall there was a sudden commotion,
I opened the door to see our kids in motion.

“Go to bed little ones for we need our rest;
I know you’re excited but we want to be at our best.

Park hopping, long lines and character meetings await;
Don’t you want this Disney vacation to be great?”

As they scuttled to their rooms they squealed with delight…
“Magical dreams to all… and to all a good night!”

Wishing you love, peace and magic this holiday!

Disney Childcare Options

View of the Walt Disney World Swan From the Dolphin Hotel

View of the Walt Disney World Swan From the Dolphin Hotel

Family vacations are a great time to reconnect, have some fun and unwind. They are also the perfect opportunity for Mom and Dad to have a little alone time or a date night within the Walt Disney World resort.
Children’s Activity Centers located at select resorts throughout Walt Disney World offer a supervised play environment for kids. The centers offer a range of activities including games, crafts, movie watching and even dining! This is a fantastic child care option because it allows your children an opportunity to make friends and have some fun while you are enjoying some quiet time.

The Details

The hours for the centers vary; with the majority being open from 5:30 PM- 12:00 midnight.

Children ages 3-12 are welcome (ages 4-12 for Camp Dolphin) and must be fully potty trained.

Kid-friendly dinners are included in the cost of care and parents can make dining selections upon checking into the center. There is also an evening snack offered at 10:00 PM for those staying into the later hours.

Children’s Activity Centers are located at the following resort hotels:

Simba’s Cubhouse at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Never Land Club at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
Cub’s Den at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Sandcastle Club at Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Camp Dolphin at Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

While reservations are not required for most of the locations, except Camp Dolphin, they are highly recommended….especially during peak seasons.

What is the Cost?

The cost of childcare is $11.50 per hour/per child with a 2 hour minimum; Camp Dolphin is $10 per hour/per child with no minimum.

Free Childcare

If you dine at one of Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort’s signature restaurants, you can enjoy free childcare! For each adult entrée purchased at bluezoo, Il Mulino or Shula’s Steakhouse, one child will be admitted for 2 hours of complimentary childcare at Camp Dolphin.

What about a relaxing spa day with your sweetie? The Mandara Spa at the Dolphin resort boasts a wide range of salon and spa services. For each spa treatment booked that is 75 minutes in length or more, Camp Dolphin will admit one child for 2 hours.

Have you ever used one of Disney’s Children’s Activities Centers? Will you be planning a date night for your next trip?


Plan an In-Room Getaway


Pop Century Resort Photo Credit: J. Kulak

Pop Century Resort
Photo Credit: J. Kulak

Disney is all fun; however there may be days that you just need to get away from the non-stop excitement. I usually try to plan meals for times when I know we will need a break, but there are moments that even the restaurants can be over-crowded and loud. Sometimes the best way to unwind and settle down is to step away from the magic and head back to the hotel.

How to plan an in-room getaway:

Dinner time– Plan to go back to your hotel in time for dinner. If you have the Disney Dining Plan, use your Quick Service dining credits for a meal at your hotel. You can even grab your dinner selections and take them back to your hotel room to eat picnic style or on your balcony if your room has one. Room service is another dining option…but this can be costly since it requires two Disney Dining credits. Ouch! In my opinion, room service is not worth spending two Table-service dining credits.

Entertainment- Bring a long some travel games that pack well like Go-Fish, Memory or Pictionary. You can also plan a simple craft or watch a Disney film on your laptop/tablet. Some hotels offer nightly activities that may include campfires, storytelling and family movie nights. Check with your hotel’s concierge upon check-in.
Many rooms afford excellent views of the parks’ fireworks. You can use your snack credits to purchase some sweet treats to bring back to your room and host your own Dessert and Fireworks viewing party.

Relax- Stop by the pool for a leisurely evening swim. Stroll the beautifully manicured grounds of your hotel resort. Visit one of Disney’s several spa locations and enjoy a massage or pedicure. Or, take advantage of your night in and get some much needed zzzzz’s so you can wake up refreshed for another Disney day!

Do you plan in-room getaways for your Disney vacations? Do you have any tips?