Healthier Dining at Walt Disney World


Is it possible to eat healthier at Disney?

Is it possible to eat healthier at Disney?

Those who have traveled to Disney before know that you are bombarded with food at every turn.

From baked goods to turkey legs….to popcorn and ice cream…snack temptations are everywhere. It is easier to gain 5 pounds over the course of your Disney vacation than to score a FastPass for Toy Story Midway Mania. (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration)

It is possible to eat healthier while on vacation without missing out on some of the treats that Disney has to offer guests.

Here are some of my tips for healthier eating on your Walt Disney World Vacation…

1. Plan your meals ahead.

Although Disney does not offer calorie counts for their food items (with the exception of the Be Our Guest restaurant) you can read through menus of restaurants to determine what meals are healthier choices.

While those famous turkey legs do not look like they are unhealthy, each has a whopping 1,000 calories! Look for menu items that include salads, fresh sandwiches, fruits, and grilled meats. Disney resort hotels have Quick Service restaurants that offer packaged fruits and veggies, yogurt, deli meats and other selections that are filling and have significantly less calories than their fried counterparts.

2. Consider one “big” meal a day and several smaller meals.

When we plan our vacations, we will reserve one sit down meal that acts as our main meal and we book it in the early-mid afternoon. Later in the evening we will have a smaller meal or sandwich after walking around the park all day.

3. Take healthy snacks with you.

Make up little snack bags before you leave your hotel in the morning and bring them into the park. When those hunger pains hit, you have a healthy alternative to sugary or high calorie snacks.

4. Drinking water makes you feel less hungry.

Bring some water bottles with you and a few of those one serving low-calorie drink mixes that are a great alternative to soda.

5. Eat meals in your room.

Use a grocery delivery service like Garden Grocer to fully stock up on breakfast foods, snack items, sandwich ingredients and beverages. Eating breakfast or lunch in your resort room can be a money saver and a much healthier option. For our next trip we are dining in our room for breakfast and several lunches and will be saving over $150. That’s some major souvenir cash!

6. Limit those sweet snacks.

I will admit…Disney cupcakes are incredible…and I have to indulge in one every vacation. They are large enough to share. So buy one, grab two forks and enjoy! The famous Dole Whip soft serve treat found in the Magic Kingdom has significantly less calories than one would think. A 1/2 cup serving (without the juice) will only run 80 calories….a much better option than a Mickey’s Premium Bar at 330 calories. Aloha!

7. Use a helpful app.

Prior to your vacation, think about downloading the My Fitness Pal app to your phone. It is free and will let you track your meals for the day. Some of the Disney food items are listed; however for those that are not, you can put in the ingredients and estimate the calories.

Would love to hear any tips or tricks you have for eating healthier at Disney! Please email me or share them here.